Failed at Love Again or Just Another Manic Episode (I’m Bipolar, You Know)

Alf’s overworked tea leaves, may also be showing that Large Worldwide Organization is underwriting inflation, pollution, consumerism, problem, greed and the final fall of Countries Economies and the destruction of their own means of life 에볼루션카지노 주소.

Having its euphoric greed mantra of income maximization and continuous manipulation, monopolization, exploitation and devious business negotiations in the Worldwide Industry Place.

Large corporate business activity that only compliments the presently prosperous I’michael all-right Jack self-serving community in poor Nations. Thus only those individuals who have a vested interest and income to make from from the input of these big investment bucks, but at the trouble of a Nation’s social & religious evolution, culture, life style and future.

In the concise book of boot camp religious descriptions, the aforementioned is called devolution and economic rape and perhaps not progress and prosperity for all. Notice the deregulated out of control Mining & Fat Leaders, who have effectively and really lost the religious plan of life in the material plan of corporate greed…along with their similarly deluded shareholders.

The boot camp tea leaf examining, is that big corporate business & the cash markets, have now been acting like an out of control gambler enjoying 21 or bust and, the sixth card they have attracted is not an Ace, but the neurotic King of Spades. They’ve removed within the precarious side of offer and need and into the abyss of gross excess, greed and delusion. Like the greedy Piggy Banks, all of them wish to double their gains each and every month…each and every quarter…each and each year and call it progress & producing prosperity.

Yes it’s progress, a delusion authored euphoric greed progress to no-where area for our species. Offer promote sell could be the war cry in these boardrooms, whole pace forward and put it on credit if the customer can not manage it -sell promote sell what the nightmare? Hence enter the brilliant children of banking waving the bank card fix-all plan and put it on tick. We will also send you on a jet setting holiday in the process. With a fly by point’s system, beverages on your house, after hour’s activity at the neighborhood Casino and the nice life used on a lasting high..

About producing international self-improvement. Re-endemic problem, the Earth Bank and other delusional individual international issues: It is perhaps not intelligent to offer money to chaotic corrupt ridden Governments in next and for instance in some alleged first Earth Countries; that are also in a situation of religious & social fall through wild problem and offender activity.

There are quite a few clever sociopath opportunists in large places doing their particular thing and perhaps not the people’s part of these chaotic Nations. Thus that money isn’t being properly spent. Not being allocated for the nice of the collective in just a Nation.

Case: The damming of life sustaining good rivers that ruin the Organic Evolution of the area and their ecology for the self-gratification, vanity and big sale reward of the few. Potential big difficulty pending in the Heart East down the track of time using this thoughtlessness named progress.

I’michael All Correct Jack, isn’t the approach to take with Nature’s Resources…in truth with such a thing to do with Nature. Notice the brand new greed pushed resource starving industrialized China. Doing the ‘improper thing’ in corrupt and conflict ridden Next Earth Countries to protected these resources at the trouble of making earth unity & equilibrium and true progress at the U.N.

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