Essential Steps for property advertisement at free of cost for sale/rent/lease

You can post your برج زاگرس چیتگر قیمت in a few minutes by following the simple steps. After completing the steps,Guest Posting your property will go live after verification. First of all you have to find an online real estate portal where you can post your property. after that there are the following steps listed below;


If you plan to sell/rent or lease your properties, you must ensure your properties are in good condition for quick results. While listing your property at HonestBroker real estate portal, you must add your property details like Property Type, State, District, property address, and the contact information with phone number & email address.


Click the excellent picture or make videos along with the other information because these pictures will speak louder than words and are easy to understand for everyone. You will always benefit from the increase of excellent and high-quality images. So, it is always the best idea to click and add photos of the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, terrace, garden, and other


amenities to help the viewer know how your property looks. If you are planning to list your property at HonestBroker to sell rent/leasing is currently engaged, make sure that it must be neat and clean of the gathering for the photoshoot. One more thing which attracts the people is pictures of the street or locality where the property is available. Probably it could be a positive sign of your list property.


Fill in other details related to the property to grab the attention of tenants and buyers. The information which you will provide must be accurate. It would be best if you also mentioned all the facilities and amenities.


If you have commercial properties, don’t worry. HonestBroker is a real estate website that will let you post FREE listings. You can also post ads for your commercial property for sale/rent or lease for Free. Thus you need to provide a few details of your commercial property, such as following in the way.


One of my clients put in an offer on a foreclosed property after checking it out pretty thoroughly and providing a list of the problems they found (including mold and termite damage). The bank rejected the offer. Months later they came down in price and we looked at it again.


The hole in the ceiling over the dining room where my client found some of the mold and termite damage was repaired and with no attic there would be no way for anyone to know what we had seen up there and I have found that some banks do not disclose these things (even when provided the information) and try to get away with that by stating they “never occupied the property”.


By the way, even if they did not occupy the property, if they are made aware of any problems or their realtor is they do need to disclose it. Another client put in an offer on a foreclosed house but after we had an inspection done and found the house needed a new roof, new A/C system, new ducting, new appliances and there were settlement issues (possible sinkhole) she cancelled the contract.


This was with Fannie Mae and it took 2 months to get them to send her deposit back. We checked the listing after she cancelled and noticed that nothing about the settlement issues was noted. So with foreclosed properties you must have a thorough inspection done because that is your only way to find out the true condition of the property.

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