Canada transportation Act clearly states

Since November last year,Canada transportation Act clearly states Articles deployed by the State Council and relevant departments draw on domestic and international experience on the basis of summing up, organize the drafting of a school bus safety regulations, and regulations will be formally implemented on May 1 this year Language Immersion.

For school bus safety has been detailed instructions, including a dedicated school bus pedal (step) can not be too high, must be set on and off the handrail, the channel must be formed non-slip seat and baffles must be softened, car air Quality must be a series of requirements of the standards and so on.

The introduction of national standards of the school car in China in terms of content draws on the school bus rules and regulations of the United States and abroad, China’s own school bus is also being manufactured largely with reference to school bus standards of Europe and the United States and other countries. Then, the school bus configuration standards and management practices in countries around the world in the end what, let’s take a look at.

As early as 1939, the U.S. government on legislation to require school bus a uniform yellow, because this color is most striking, even in the fog and most easy to see, so is the safest color.

When the school bus stop, as long as the door opened, the left will be stretched out a written “stop (stop)” red sign, while “change” out of a 1 m long railings. Oncoming car must be stopped, with the line behind the car must be stopped. If you rush to overtake not only be fined, serious cases may be lost driver’s license. Currently, the school bus standards in the United States a school bus body structure, anti-capsize protection, brakes, including 34 requirements.

French school bus drivers must pass a strict driving test, the province of a driver’s license in order to serve as school car cameras and car dvr bus drivers. School bus drivers manual checks before moving off, closing the car in the parking lot of a variety of devices such as have detailed provisions.

A large school bus shuttle to several schools. Germany stringent requirements, the school bus must be set up station, station logo must be clearly legible to the provisions of parking spaces parking in and out of the station, the school bus to make the clear light that the remaining vehicles will be allowed beyond the school bus. In addition, the parents that their children have enough time on the road the coachman to prevent because the catch-up school bus accident.

In 2003, the new school buses in the United Kingdom is officially put into operation. Britain to the high cost of the quality of the school bus body color is also widely used by the country’s traditional red, to a deep yellow.

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